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Poverty Reduction Programme

The Ministry plays a major role to encourage women and men from disadvantaged communities to embark on income generating activities (IGAs) in order to promote self employment among the urban and rural poor communities.

The focus of the ECD program is to increase the capacity of individuals, communities and all stakeholders involved in the delivery of ECD services. Mothers who have been caring for infants and young children for generations in communities. With the rapidly changing environment in the society, it is of special importance that we observe and learn more about actual conditions of children 0-6 years, caring practices at household and ECD facility levels, with emphasis on a diverse group that provide services to these children.

Income Generating Activities Fund

  • The IGA started way back with the then Department of women Affairs in the office of the President as well as Ministry of Regional and Local Government and Housing.
  • It is today with the Ministry of Gender Equality and Child Welfare under the Directorate of Community and Early Childhood Development.

Who qualifies to apply?

  • All Namibian Citizens of 18 years or older-who cannot access bank loans due to lack of collateral.
  • Those participating in IGA with the aims of developing their entrepreneurial skills and increase their income opportunities.
  • Women living with disabilities who can engage in business activities.

Main criteria to select projects for support

  • The project should be new /existence/ upcoming and run by well organized and committed people.
  • The project should produce items with good quality and have market to sell the products
  • The new project should indicate signs to develop/grow toward the level of a small industry and should also indicate a hope to create employment.

What kind of projects are supported?

  • Any viable and sustainable projects can be supported

Process of project approval

Application forms can be obtainable from the MGECW or at any of its regional offices. The completed form, accompanied by three quotations must be submitted to the Ministries Regional Offices. The deadline of submit application is on 31 March of each year.

What are the conditions?

  • Applicants should know that material/equipments supplied to them remain the properties of the Ministry and if the projects fails to achieve the expected goals within three years the Ministry will reserve the right to relocate the material to other projects. T
  • he grant is a one time grant to the project and will only follow by after care services.
  • The supported projects are advised to provide the Ministry with Financial progress reports annually.

Head office contact details

gender_postal_namibiaPrivate Bag 13359, Windhoek,Namibia

gender_physical_namibiaJuvenis Building Independence Avenue


gender_fax_namibia+264-61-238941 / 221304

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