Psychosocial Support Services Psychosocial Support Services

Psychosocial support is a service offered by the Social workers in the Ministry to support children and Families going through difficult times. It is love, care and protection, it is support for the emotional and psychosocial aspects of a person's life, so that they can live with hope and dignity.

Many things can impact on a child’s psychosocial wellbeing, including poverty, conflict, neglect and abuse. HIV and AIDS can compound these. As a result of HIV and AIDS, children might experience traumatic events such as the illness and death of parents, violence and exploitation, stigma and discrimination, isolation and loneliness, and lack of adult support and guidance.

Appropriate psychosocial support helps children and their families to overcome life challenges, and builds coping mechanisms, trust and hope in their future.

THE TARGET GROUP (Who Qualifies)

Children or family members going through any type of problem, such as loss of parents or violence. Any Namibian Citizen, especially children going through the above is eligible for Psychosocial Support.

Contact Details:

Tel: +264 61 283 3173

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