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Deputy Director Deputy Director

ministry of gender

Ms. Penoshinge Shililifa
Tel: +264 61 2833114
Fax: +264 61 226842

Director Director

ministry of gender

Director: Mr. Victor Shipoh
Tel: +264 61 2833205
Fax: +264 61 226842

Deputy Director Deputy Director

ministry of gender

Ms.Rosina Mubonenwa
Tel: +264 61 2833119 /57
Fax: +264 61 226842

Gender Equality refers to equal rights, opportunities and conditions for women and men to realize their full human rights, to contribute to, and to benefit from economic, social, cultural and political development. Gender equality is therefore the equal valuing by society of the similarities and differences of women and men and the roles they play. It is associated with women and men being full partners in their homes, community and society.


  • Improve the status of women and girls.
  • Promote positive cultural practices and believes.
  • Facilitate the development of gender responsive policies and laws.
  • Ensure gender mainstreaming at all levels.
  • Ensure efficient and effective service delivery.


  • Formulate new and Review existing Policies and their Action Plans from a gender perspective.
  • Formulate new and Review existing national legislation for gender responsiveness.
  • Coordinate and Promote the implementation of relevant national, regional and international legal instruments.
  • Coordinate implementation of National Gender Policy and National Community Development Policy.
  • Monitor and evaluate the implementation of the NGP, NCDP, national, regional and international legal instruments and provide periodic reports.
  • Mainstream gender issues in all sectors.
  • Facilitate capacity building for improved performance of staff.
  • Coordinate and mobilize resources for the implementation of gender equality and women’s empowerment programme.
  • Ensure the Implementation of the Directorate Service Charteres.


Gender Mainstreaming and Family Development

  • Deputy Director: +264 61 2833119 /157

Research and Legislation

  • Deputy Director: +264 61 2833114

Head office contact details

gender_postal_namibiaPrivate Bag 13359, Windhoek,Namibia

gender_physical_namibiaJuvenis Building Independence Avenue


gender_fax_namibia+264-61-238941 / 221304

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