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Foster Care Grant

Foster care grant is financial support that is given to someone who cares for a child who is not their biological child. This financial support is for the care of children.

The Target Group (Who Qualifies)

  • A foster parent (Any person who undertakes the temporary care of any child found to be in need of care and placed in their custody in terms of the children’s Act 33 of 1960).


  • A certified copy of the Court Order, or if the child was transferred, (i.e from one foster parent to another) a section 50 Transfer Order
  • A certified copy of the child’s birth certificate
  • A certified copy of the foster parent’s Identity Document (ID) 
  • A certified copy of the marriage certificate of the foster parents if applicable
  • The latest school report of each school-going child
  • Acertified copy of the death certificate(s) of the biological parent(s) if applicable


N$200.00 per month per foster child

Contact Details:
Director: +264 61 283 3164/73
Private Bag 13359, Windhoek

Head office contact details

gender_postal_namibiaPrivate Bag 13359, Windhoek,Namibia

gender_physical_namibiaJuvenis Building Independence Avenue


gender_fax_namibia+264-61-238941 / 221304

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