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Minister ministry of gender

Hon. Doreen Sioka
Tel: +264 61 2833207/206
Fax: +264 61223545

Acting Permanent Secretary ministry of gender

Ms. Martha Mbombo
Tel: +264 61 2833112/3191
Fax: ++264 61 256724

Deputy Minister ministry of gender

Hon. Lucia Witbooi
Tel: +264 612833102/208
Fax: +264 61220528

Deputy Permenant Secretary ministry of gender

Fax: ----------------------------------
Email: ----------------------------


To ensure gender equality and equitable socio-economic development of women and men and the wellbeing of children.


To be the leading institution in ensuring sustained quality of life through equal opportunities for all people in Namibia.


To create and promote an enabling and sustainable environment in which gender equality; child welfare, socio-economic development and well being of all people will be realized.

Our Commitment

We will go an extra milestone to assist you; if we cannot we will refer you to the appropriate institutions. We are trying to make our work as transparent and accesible to the general public as possible.

Our Pledge

Our Pledge Effective partnership towards Gender Equality and well-being of children.

Your Responsibility

To provide us with complete, timely and accurate information. Understand that some problems may take time to be effectively dealt with. Advise the Ministry in a clear and constructive way of any complaints or suggestions for improvement. Effective partnership towards Gender Equality and well-being of children.

Head office contact details

gender_postal_namibiaPrivate Bag 13359, Windhoek,Namibia

gender_physical_namibiaJuvenis Building Independence Avenue


gender_fax_namibia+264-61-238941 / 221304

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